With all that is happening in the world today – global warming, hurricanes, typhoons, flash floods, tsunamis and earthquakes, one can easily feel alarmed about the condition of Mother Nature. We do not need to be superheroes and have super powers to save the earth because we can help with our own little ways. One way is by making sure that we are living as concerned as we can be to our environment.

Good thing that there are increasing numbers of people including public officials, athletes, musicians and celebrities trying to spread awareness about living green or eco-friendly. You can follow this act in various ways – avoid using plastic bags, using hair spray nets, heavily polluted car and others. Well, this article will focus on helping you find and decorate an apartment to be green and eco-friendly. This is one way to start your quest to do your part to help Mother Nature.

1. Consider eco-friendly furniture – It is recommended to avoid big warehouse brands and instead set for materials that are made of organic materials such as bamboo, organic cotton and other recycled items. This is not only helping the environment but also a good way to help you save lots of money. Let us admit it, it is far more expensive to buy big warehouse brands compared to those that are made from bamboo and other organic products. However, we can not say that eco-friendly furniture downgrade your standards because in fact there are lots of manufacturers out there who come up with real piece of arts using organic materials.

2. Paint your walls with soy paint – Do you want to renovate your apartment by coming up with new paint colors? Then why not consider using soy paint? Soy paint is non-toxic, durable alternative that is perfect alternative for commercial paints. This reduces indoor pollution so make your house green and eco-friendly.

3. Reuse things that you can – Let us not only be eco-friendly but also practical by using things that can be recycled and used afterwards. It is advisable to use washable towels compared to paper towels as one good example.

4. Conserve water – Sometimes we take for granted simple things like running water while we are brushing our teeth or while we wash the car using water hose. This may sound shallow but if we will calculate every ounce or liter of water that was wasted in a year, we would be surprised to know that it can suffice to a family's one-year supply of water. So, make sure to conserve water, use glass when you brush your teeth and use bucket and tub instead of water hose when watering the plants or washing the car.

Based on some surveys, 86% of Americans would prefer to live in a green and eco-friendly apartment. Therefore, it is really advisable to start considering the tips mentioned in this article and help increase the 86% numbers who are willing to do their share to help the environment. This is not only for our own sake but this is most importantly helpful for the next generation.