Everyone knows the story of the 3 little pigs, they left home to seek their fortune.

The first one built a house built of straw, the second built a house built of sticks and the third and cleverest little pig made a house built of bricks.

Which little pig are you? Growing up I was of course the cleverest who built their house with bricks when playing with my siblings.

Is this the cleverest building method? In Spain we LOVE concrete, practically all construction is concrete.

But did you know that there are HUGE advantages to building with Straw, wood and even sand ??

Straw bail houses are exactly that, straw bails piled on top of each other to create the basis of the walls for a house – they have natural insulation, very economic and of course lower labor costs.

I recently saw a program of the construction of a straw house; it was fascinating and constructed so quickly.

A memorable and fun way to build a house!

We always recommend the use of an expert for guidance through planning, regulations, building and the signaling off.

I do not know anyone with a straw home but I have visited a home built out of thousands of bags of sand, all hand filled by the owners that lovingly built it.

Their house is stunning; it looks like a custom designed property that could have built the conventional method but with a huge cost difference.

If you know of any alternative build methods or indeed have an alternative build property, we would love to hear from you.