Well, as the coordinator for a think tank which happens to operate online, I can not tell you the number of business plans that come across my desk that have to do with alternative energy prototypes, designs, and new innovations in that venue. It seems that every kid who graduates from college is into alternative energy, a green environment, and a low carbon footprint. No, it's not necessarily my thing, but it's amazing how many folks are into this and yet many can not find work. Maybe they should start their own business?

Not long ago I was talking to a blogger who set up a blog which would help people become entrepreneurs, and start their own businesses in some innovative way. He suggested to me that people should do what they like to do. Yes the same advice that Warren Buffett and Bill Gates gave at Columbia University back in 2011. They said you need to do something that you have a passion for, and the money will follow. Now where, that is not always true, it certainly could be if you pick the right type of business.

Okay so, maybe you are a green environmental type individual, and you like to save energy, and you also wish to help other people save energy as well. If so, why not become a;

Green Real Estate Consultant

There are so many things that people can do to save energy at home. We all know the simple ones such as putting solar on the roof, installing better insulation, and retrofitting your existing light bulbs to LED for instance. Of course, that's just a start, how about saving water as well. Energy efficient appliances, low flow toilets, and all the rest can make a huge difference, and it is very easy to save someone $ 150- $ 200 per month off of their costs.

Doing this would help our economy because people would have more money to spend and buy things, therefore there would be more jobs as well. Just think, you could be making money by saving people money off their energy costs, off their water costs, and perhaps you could get into other things as well. Having the right type of shrubbery, the right kind of window film, and using other simple strategies can save people big bucks and solidified your expertise as a green real estate consultant.

If you are one with alternative energy and a low carbon footprint, this might be a new business you might start. You can take all your education, knowledge, and future studies to help other people who just do not understand, but would also like to participate in this green revolution. Please consider all this and think on it.