Nowadays people are more concerned about protecting the nature, especially home buyers. Owing to several benefits of green homes, there is a significant rise in the demand of environment friendly homes in the market. A survey conducted recently revealed that more than 70% of buyers are more inclined towards purchasing a green home, as compared to the conventional homes. The advantages of green or eco-friendly homes are innumerable; they are safer for health, easier to maintain, better for the environment and much cheaper than conventional homes. If you are a seller, then it is important for you to know that now buyers prefer such homes to cut back utility expenses.

In short, you can sell your house fast by going green. An eco-friendly approach can help to sell your house faster over other homes for sale in the market. Buyers are willing to spend more money on a house that is equipped with energy-saving additions. So, if you do not wish to get stuck in the competitive housing market, then consider making the green changes listed below in your house and sell it as fast as possible –

* Use solar panels where necessary. They convert thermal energy which is produced by sun into electricity. You can use this solar electricity to power everything in your house, right from your television set to the kitchen appliances. The use of solar panels potentially boosts up the home sale rates by 4 to 5 percent. So, the big investment is worth it.

* To reduce the cooling and heating bills, buyers nowdays look for roofs and walls having adequate insulation. As, un-insulated walls and roofs can drastically increase the energy costs, not having proper insulation in the house can turn off the potential buyers. Insulation made from recycled materials can work wonders in luring the buyers.

* Lighting makes up for almost 25% of the total home energy usage. So, instead of using old light bulbs, use CFL technology, which is known to use less energy.

* Typical household paints contain toxic chemicals that can lead to many harmful diseases. The toxic emissions released by these paints linger in air for many years, even after completion of the paint job. So, it is advisable to use paintings which are free from VOC to coat the walls of your house. These paintings are free from noxious odors, resulting in healthier and safer air quality.

* If you have single-pane windows installed in your house then replace them with double-pane windows in order to reduce the cooling and heating costs. Beside, opting for bamboo flooring, as well as cabinets, can also offer endless sustainability.

* The kitchen also plays an important role in selling a house quickly. Outdated appliances can turn off the buyers. So replace them with modern appliances. They not only have an aesthetic appeal but also offer a distinct benefit of energy efficiency.

By making the above mentioned green changes in your house, you would certainly be able to sell it faster, than you had imagined.