Over the years, several changes has occurred in our surroundings. The planet that was once abundant in trees and various life forms is now slowly degrading. There are evidences of its degradation. Species start to become instinct. Forests are denuded. People's life expectancy has shortened. However, among the changes that have occurred, the most feared is the global warming.

Global warming is the increase in the atmosphere's temperature. This kind of phenomenon has plenty of negative effects to the society and the environment. It can lead to flooding due to melting of glaciers and rise in water levels. It could also lead to poor health conditionsrought by tropical diseases and food and water shortage.

There are many causes of global warming. Rapid modernization and industrialization has been one of its causes. With the constant use of energy from fuel fossils and coals, there has been an upsurge in carbon footprint in the environment.

Considering many organizations and individuals are into industrialization and modernization, it seems every person will have a hard time stopping this unwanted phenomenon. However, you can always do something to slow down and lessen (hopefully) the impact of such change. This is by lessening carbon footprints. The best place to start is within your homes.

Carbon footprint reduction

Everybody uses electricity at home. People have high dependence to electricity to power up their appliances. Somehow, they can not just drop the use of electricity because let us face it; such form of energy is one of the reason why people are comfortably living today. Without it, your HVAC systems will not work, as well as televisions and other appliances.

Since no one can really eliminate the use of electricity, the best solution is to find ways to minimizeize use and to make sure every appliance is energy efficient. If you have HVAC systems, you have to make sure it would not double its workload. To do this, you can increase the shady areas of your home. On the other hand, you can properly isolate your homes.

If you buy appliances, you have to check if its energy rating is good. Always go for something energy efficient. Certain practices can also lessen carbon footprint emissions. Example is turning off the lights and other appliances, when leaving the room. These simple things can help reduce carbon footprint emissions from your homes.

One of the best ways to reduce dependency to electricity is by installing solar panels. It can be expensive but the savings you get is worth it. This is one perfect example of using renewable energy. In fact, the concept of using renewable sources is not only applicable to power use. Renewable materials should also be used for building homes or making improvements. The less industrial waste you give off from making things, the lesser damage there will be for the environment. Moreover, the less carbon footprints will be given off.

Global warming can be slowed. If you love your family and your surroundings, then show it. Start by reducing carbon footprints in your home. It sure can help a lot.