As an internet platform for green, energy efficient and sustainable homes, we have reviewed some interesting and creative verbiage used by some sellers in the real estate marketplace. In the environmental business we call this ” green washing “.

Green washing is when someone uses ” green ” terminology to help drive more interest to an oddwise typical (in this case) home for sale, in a current flat and bloated real estate market.

This ” green ” terminology could be words such as:

  • Solar
  • Stewardship
  • Eco-friendly
  • Environmental
  • Healthy environment

We've seen ads that would say “a solar home”, when all they really had was a wall that faced south.

Or maybe the home just has CFL's (compact fluorescent lighting) and not much else in the home. Although minimal improvements help the environment in a small way, there are cool innovative green homes out there that are making heads really turn in a BIG way. includes (loves to promote) innovative building technologies that we believe will make the quickest (and the largest) change in the environment regarding the way we live, the homes we live in and the way we build them.

Listed Green

Things we take for granted every day, do have a direct impact on global warming. The toilet we flush, the indoor air we breathe, the utility bills we pay; all these everyday duties affect the environment and our health.

There are currently so many new technologies in sustainable home building, that we could make a huge impact right now, not years later. We can currently heat most of our water with thermal solar and not the black stuff you see on roofs, but innovative glass tubes that absorb UV rays year-round; recycle all our gray water (sinks and showers) and redirect that water to flush our toilets; building design and orientation to take advantage of the natural heating and cooling effects in a particular location; construct living environments utilizing innovative construction materials that may come from recycled or renewable sources that also offer a tremendous R-factor.

A one-two punch in not only saving our limited building material resources, but also less requirement from fossil fuels and the like, to heat and cool our homes everyday.

ListedGreen strives to make a difference in educating the general public about what makes a home truly “green” and helping bring an elevated increased value to these exciting energy efficiency improvements, to a level that they really deserve in the real estate marketplace today and in the years to come.