For those who are planning to build a new house or do some major home remodeling, why not do such tasks the eco-friendly way ?. The concepts of green building have taken a major foothold in the home building and construction industry.

Based on US Census figures, it was estimated that more than 1.3 million new homes were built in the United States in 2002, and remodeling and home improvement spending in 1996 adjusted to $ 119 billion. Remodeling or constructing your home gives you a chance to help transform the marketplace towards a sustainability and environment-friendly one, and create living space that's better for you and the environment.

Homes Have A Major Effect On The Environment

It's a fact that homes affect the planet, from the use and depletion of natural resource, human health, to overall ecological integrity. Aside from basic health and safety measures mentioned in the building code, there's no requirement to minimize these impacts. A new home construction or remodel would serve an opportunity in creating a symbolic and physical representation of your commitment to caring for the planet, health, and in a vital and engaged community.

Why It Pays To Find Architects Or Contractors Who Espouse Green Building Concepts

One you try looking for eco-friendly home building concepts and practices, you'll be surprised to quickly find one once you tap into the local design community, that there are a number of firms that have gained stellar reputations for going green.

Upon closure observation, you'll notice that within the general category of green, each firm or architect will have its strong points, as some focus on healthy building, while other concentrate on energy efficiency and / or renewable energy, and some apply their expertise on green materials, natural building techniques, or building modular homes. Look for a professional contractor that has extensive applied experience in building green, and will gladly apply these elements to your home project.

Choosing Green Architects And Home Contractors

– Check Out Their Previous Record For Demonstrated Experience.

First, do a thorough background check on an architect or contractor's experience with green building. Find out if he or she can point to specific projects in their portfolio, and provide references as well. Aside from ensuring that the architect or contractor is licensed and bonded, ask if he or she is a member of green design organizations or has participated in any programs, and if the contractor follows construction practices that minimize pollution and protects indoor air quality and enhancement worker health and safety as well.

– Ensure That A Contractor Practices What He Or She Professes.

Aska prospective home contractor or architect how he or she operates their business; like does he recycle in the office as well as on the job site? Find out if the green design elements evident, such as environmentally responsible materials and office supplies, energy efficient lighting, fixtures.

– Check If Green Concepts Are Incorporated Into the Contract Details

Architects have standard specifications that lays out the orders for everyone involved in building the house, down to how the paint is applied and what quality of materials are chosen for the cabinets. These specifications are generally customized by each company, and further modified for each project. These specs are a powerful tool in green building, while at the same time, are a legal document, and can be tedious to review sometimes. Ask an architect or contractor to give you an overview of the specifications for your project, and ensure that they cover all these. – Real Estate PR