Today, design schemes used by architects highly focus on strategies to make green homes. “Going green” – this seemingly is the newest theme in the real estate world. The idea behind this latest trend is the fact that green homes contribute towards the critical cause of protecting the planet through their excellent energy-efficiency. Beside this aspect, green homes bring a drastic change in the person's overall affordability to own real estate. Those, who stay in energy-efficient homes, do not need the utility set-ups like electricity, while the residents of a non-green community do require them. Green neighborhoods result in cutting down the demand of these utilities and this is exactly what makes the prices drop for people, who still rely on various other methods to get power.

Moreover, the construction cost for building green homes is less than the cost for building non-green properties. This is one of the most common reasons why green residencies are likely to get approved for the building permit. Going green also gives an easy way to safeguard the environment, ensuring that occurrences of harmful atmospheric events slow down. Recent studies have disclosed that, if green construction standards are followed, while building any property, the upshot will be a substantial decrease in various emissions, which cause global warming.

In addition, use of green materials to build properties lead to a significant reduction in the waste and this acts as an added benefit for contemporary green homes. Materials, which are used in the eco-friendly properties, are recycled and this is exactly what makes such a waste reduction possible. The process of recycling, therefore, decrees the total cost of a real estate project. Beside, eco-friendly structures have a longer life, as compared to houses constructed by the non-green methods and thus contribute to the saving factor.

There are certain building techniques, which are used for turning a house into a green or eco-friendly residence. For instance, while designing the floors of the house, use of woods, like bamboo, is considered. In fact, the type of paints used also play an important role in making a property environment friendly. Non-green variety of paints contains toxic solvents, metals and many harmful chemicals, which are detrimental if inhaled by people doing the painting job. Such paints also create certain by-products, like more pollution and smog. So, using low quality paints is an eco-friendly building technique, which not only protects the house occupants but also keeps the environment clean.

Apart from these, the way you keep your garden is also a qualifying factor, which determines whether your house can be called as a green residence or not. To go green, you must buy simple hand devices for the gardening needs, rather than equipments which run on electric power or gasoline. Also, instead of making use of a power-driven leaf blower, which releases harmful CO2 emissions, it is good to rake and sweep leaves on your own. Such as these, the techniques to go green are immense. So, implement this latest theme of going green in your life by building an energy-efficient home.