Eco friendly homes can be great investments. Not only are they helpful to the environment, they are also very valuable financial wise. Homeowners who go green can save a lot of money on their electric bill each month. They can also increase the worth of their home and sell it for a lot of money.

If you want an eco friendly home, you'll be glad to know that customization has never been easier. You can even build your own solar panels or wind generators if you wish. The plans are on the internet, and the parts are not hard to come by at all. You can order kits online that contain all the parts necessary for getting started.

Another simple way to make an eco friendly home is to use compact fluorescent light bulbs. They use almost 75% less energy than the standard kind. On top of that, they can last eight times longer! This means that you can save a lot of money on energy costs over the months.

Try not to waste water. You can achieve this by installing showerheads designed for low flows. Since you'll be wasting less water every time you shower, you'll be saving a lot of money. You should also check your faucets to make sure they do not need repaired. Leaks can cost you a lot more money than you may realize.

One great way you can work on an eco friendly home is by using more fans. Exhaust fans can help alleviate unwanted moisture inside your house during summer months. And in the winter, ceiling fans can force heat down from the ceiling, which will help keep you warm. By using more fans, you can save both on air conditioning during the summer and heat in the winter!