There are times in a celebrations life that the glitz and the glamor offer less and less comfort. It is during these times that the celebrities return to their roots and try to make life better for those that are less fortunate than themselves. Celebrity actor, Ed Norton, has done just that with a company his grandfather started.

As the trustee of Enterprise Foundation, the nations number one non-profit builder of low income housing, Ed Norton has found his roots in charity work. The key to this organization is offering reliable housing for the less fortunate. This housing, unlike the low income housing of the past, is built with renewable energy and the Earth in mind.

Unlike the home and car choices of celebrities like Ed Norton, American's who are forced into low income housing do not have a choice of green and eco-friendly housing plans. There has never before been a government subsidized home building project that even took living life cheaper and more Earth friendly into consideration. While celebrities like Ed Norton have the option to drive renewable energy cars and build homes with solar panels and other sources of renewable energy, low income families do not have these home choices.

The result of building low income income housing with renewable energy in mind, is home maintenance and utility costs that are three times lower than other low income housing choices. Ed Norton has solar panels for his home and he believes that low income families should have that same choice.

For celebrities like Ed Norton, the idea of ​​charity often returns to giving money to some organization and then dropping off the map. But, with a trust position on a ground breaking company like Enterprise Foundation, Ed Norton is upping the stakes and saving lower income families some money in the process.